Baby brushes specially designed for little ones!

Dive into the heart of our exclusive range of baby brushes  designed and manufactured with passion in our workshops in France . Baby brushes specially designed for toddlers, embodying the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality .  Each bristle is carefully designed to provide a pleasant and beneficial brushing experience . 

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Gentle, soothing brushing experience for little ones with our baby brushes

For BAVOUX it is important to take care of baby’s delicate hair . It is with this in mind that BAVOUX has designed its range of baby brushes: natural or synthetic bristles . Bristles selected to provide a gentle and soothing brushing experience , preserving the sensitivity of little ones’ scalp .

In addition, BAVOUX baby brushes are made with safe and soft materials to ensure baby’s comfort and safety while brushing.

We place special emphasis on hair and scalp health, ensuring that our baby brushes stimulate blood circulation, reduce tangles and preserve hair’s natural shine.

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Softness and delicacy

The extra-soft bristles of our baby brushes glide smoothly through baby’s fine hair without pulling or damaging it . Additionally, the bristles provide a delicate brushing experience that preserves the integrity of baby’s fragile hair while gently removing tangles and impurities.

Sensory stimulation

The gentle movements of the brush provide a soothing sensation for your baby, helping to calm and relax . Brushing your baby’s hair regularly can also promote a sense of well-being and relaxation , creating a pleasant time for you and your child.


Brushing your baby’s hair is a great opportunity to create an emotional bond while taking care of their hair hygiene . Take advantage of these tender moments to interact with your baby, speak gently to him and strengthen the precious bond that unites you.

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