The history of BAVOUX, French contract manufacturer

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BAVOUX is a French contract manufacturer founded in 1913 by Jules BAVOUX, a visionary of his time.

A charismatic, century-old company in the Oyonnax valley, BAVOUX is a French benchmark in the design and manufacture of hairdressing tools, hair ornaments and small leather goods.

In the 1930s, the company was able to develop innovative manufacturing methods with the emergence of plastic injection technology, while retaining tricks of the trade such as “hand-finishing”.

Combining creativity and a high level of technical expertise, the company quickly built up a solid reputation with international players in the beauty and cosmetics industries.

BAVOUX first made a name for itself by hand-crafting hair combs and hairdressing accessories. Then, in response to customer demand, the range was expanded to include small leather goods.

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In the 90s

The company is developing a new speciality:
the manufacture of colouring tools for professional hairdressers.


In 2000

BAVOUX incorporates stacking technology to make colouring brushes and baby hairbrushes.


In 2018

Barbara LENOIR, with her passion for fine mechanical engineering and fashion, takes over the company. A guarantor of the BAVOUX spirit, Barbara strengthens the company’s strategy by bringing in new technical and creative directions. BAVOUX products are reinvented and continue to be trendy, chic and elegant, with subtle classical blends.


In 2020

The focus is on developing and enhancing the collection of hair ornaments and new finishes.

BAVOUX is particularly sensitive to social issues

The company is committed to its human and environmental values. Its products are developed and manufactured entirely in France, in strict compliance with standards and regulations.

Particularly sensitive to the ecosystem, BAVOUX produces locally. In this way, it contributes to the circular economy and to sustainable development. It is also with this objective in mind that it uses eco-responsible materials.

BAVOUX also has the “Origin’ Ain” and “More” labels.

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