BAVOUX manufacturer of coloring tools for hairdressers

BAVOUX manufactures coloring tools in France , designed and designed for hairdressing professionals. From preparation to application, including the precise mixing of shades, BAVOUX offers products designed to improve each step of the coloring process: coloring brushes , coloring bowl , spatulas , and even dosers . With a strong commitment to sustainability and innovation , BAVOUX has developed a complete range of eco-responsible plastic accessories , to meet the growing and demanding needs of hair salons, distributors and wholesalers across the world.

bavoux outils de coloration pinceaux
bavoux kit outils de coloration

Improve every step of the coloring process with quality coloring tools

At BAVOUX , our manufacturing is rooted in the tradition of French excellence. Each product is meticulously designed by our team of experts, who combine artisanal techniques and cutting-edge technologies to create exceptional coloring tools. Our pride in contributing to the hairdressing industry is reflected in the unparalleled quality of our products, and we are honored to count among our customers big names in hairdressing who trust our expertise. 

Our wide range of coloring tools meets all your professional needs. From preparation to application to precise mixing of shades, Bavoux offers a variety of products designed to enhance every step of the coloring process.

Discover our high-end coloring brushes, perfectly designed for uniform and precise application. Our ergonomic coloring bowls provide comfort and convenience when mixing products. Specially designed dispensers and spatulas make prep simple, while our palettes let you mix and apply shades with ease.

The essentials in one kit for your coloring, with BAVOUX coloring tools

To further facilitate the work of hairdressing professionals, BAVOUX offers complete kits specially designed for achieving impeccable coloring. Our crystal kits contain five essential products for successful coloring. Each kit is carefully composed to meet the specific needs of hairdressers, with particular attention paid to quality and practicality. These kits reflect our commitment to providing complete and efficient solutions, while highlighting the excellence of French know-how.

bavoux kit outils de coloration
bavoux pinceaux outils de coloration

French manufacturing of coloring tools from eco-responsible materials

For the manufacture of our hairdressing accessories and coloring tools, we are committed to using eco-responsible plastic materials.  Every product we create is the result of extensive research to minimize our carbon footprint while ensuring optimal performance. You can be assured that our products combine innovation and respect for nature.

BAVOUX committed to the hairdressing industry with quality coloring tools

Opt for high-quality coloring products that are environmentally friendly and made in France. Our commitment to innovation, sustainability and excellence ensures that every product you choose is the result of hard work and passion for the hair industry. Choose French excellence and discover a new dimension of coloring. 

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